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Some like it silky, some like it soft, others don’t mind a bit of leather and fur.

Regardless of HOW you wear your it, there is no doubt that women around the world LOVE wearing lingerie.

One of the things about lingerie is that you can wear it for your lover, or yourself, and either way, you’re guaranteed to have a heightened sense of confidence.

So what is about lingerie that leaves women (and their partners) wanting more?

Let’s be honest. Lingerie is about feeling sexy, though it hasn’t always been the case.

Some lingerie fun facts from the 1700 and 1800’s 😉

From the 1700s young girls were actually forced to wear corsets to prevent them from overeating and to give them a small waist, which of course was detrimental to their health.

Then back in the 1800s, crotchless panties (or drawers as they were then) were actually a normal thing for women to wear! They certainly weren’t anything like the crotchless g-strings we see today, but they had a practical use – it allowed women to use the toilet without having to hike up their huge layered dresses and pull their pants down from the waist. We’re not saying it makes sense today (yuck), but it certainly did at the time and Queen Victoria was a leader in the trend.

… Thankfully from there, things could only go up! And up they did – right into every crack and crevice in our bodies.

From the rise of corsets that push up the breasts and accentuate the waist and hips; to silk panties and satin chemise; to the barely there or dominatrix style garments. These days, there is something to suit every woman, as long as she knows what she wants (or what she’s willing to try).

Why women love lingerie and what they want

So why do women love wearing lingerie? Here are our top 10 reasons:

  1. It makes them feel sexy.
  2. It builds self-confidence, even if she has no plans on ever showing anyone else.
  3. It may create self-arousal. The mere idea that she is wearing something sexy under her work clothes could be all she needs to “get in the mood”; whether with her partner or herself.
  4. She might be out to impress a new lover; or trying to freshen things up with a long-term relationship. Some women also love to tease, with a photo or a text message, knowing the mere image of her in sexy lingerie will arouse.
  5. It might be a special occasion, such as her Wedding night.
  6. She loves the feel of the silk or satin on her bare skin.
  7. If a woman loves to feel feminine, lingerie will certainly help. Choose a colour you’ve never worn before, try a new type of material, go for something floral or cheeky (that no one ever has to see if you don’t want them to).
  8. Lingerie can enhance all the best features of a woman, from her breasts to her butt.
  9. It reminds her that she’s a woman; not just a mother, a wife, a partner, an office worker, a tradie.
  10. Finally, it allows women to have a secret. Regardless of what she wears on the outer layers – a work uniform, hard hat and pants, a dress covered in baby vomit; underneath, she can be wearing the most expensive lingerie on the market, just because she can … and that’s her little secret (shhh).

So why do you love wearing lingerie?  

Comment below, we would love to know why you love wearing lingerie!

Michelle xx