Why You Should Wear Lingerie For You – and No One Else!
Why a woman should wear lingerie for themselves


Wear lingerie for you and nobody else, an empowering message for all women.  Dita von Teese is someone that many women admire for her ability to wear lingerie that accentuates all her best features – and she does it flawlessly. She once said, “Lingerie is not about seducing men; it’s about embracing womanhood”.

Never a truer word has been spoken.

In fact, we women have it tough in general when it comes to feeling as great as we undoubtedly look (even in our winter PJs with our hair in a messy bun and child vomit all over our shirt………….) and we really don’t give ourselves enough credit. And we certainly don’t give ourselves enough room on our credit cards for expensive lingerie!


When we’re single, we wonder what the point is of buying sexy expensive lingerie… when we’re married we wonder … well … we pretty much wonder the same thing.

There is a limited period of our lives where we think to ourselves “This occasion calls for some SEXY” and we head out to buy ourselves something that is set to impress in the bedroom.

The thing is, why shouldn’t we feel like this all the time? Why does it have to be that limited window of time that makes us want to dress our unders in silk, lace and satin?

While you’re sitting there thinking, “what’s the point in paying good money for something no one else will ever see” and feeling depressed … you could be sitting there with a secret smile on your face thinking “gosh this silk is so smooth on my bottom”. I know which thought I’d prefer to be having!

Aside from the secret sensations we get from it, here are …

6 Other Reasons You Should Wear Lingerie for YOU …

… and Not Anyone Else.

  1. It gets you back in touch with your sexy side, without showing any skin. If you’re a mother, or you’re just getting older, the idea of mini-skirts and bikinis has probably long fallen to the wayside; but there’s no reason you shouldn’t embrace your beautiful body – even if it’s just for yourself!

  3. It’s a great excuse to get out of those granny panties … even if it’s just for a day.

  5. You’ll feel sensations you haven’t felt in a long time from the simple sight and touch of the silk or lace (maybe your partner as well, but hey, who cares about them!?!).

  7. Your grandmother always told you ensure you have clean undies on because you never know when you might get hit by a car… so you’ll be well prepared for anything!

  9. By 7am yesterday morning, you’d already been up for 3 hours. You’d helped hubby get off to work; perhaps got yourself ready for work as well; fed and dressed the kids; made breakfast for yourself as well; got in a little exercise at the gym; and been vomited on 3 times by the baby, got poop on your finger changing a nappy, and had a 3 year old cough all over you … if that’s not reason enough to treat yourself so that you feel like a woman (or human) again, then I don’t know what is!

  11. Every woman deserves to be pampered and lingerie is an affordable way to do that, without taking hours in a salon (just shopping, but who’s complaining!!).

When it comes to expensive lingerie, there is one thing that is more important than impressing someone else – and that is impressing yourself!