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The “accepted” shape of a woman’s body has continually changed throughout time.  The fashion industry, it seems, has a lot to do with these changes.  Unfortunately their image of the perfect woman is almost impossible to achieve and has negatively affected the way society look upon and judge a woman.

Fashion Through the Decades

Women of the 1960s were considered attractive if they had willowy thin bodies, Some say this body shape came about because of the British fashion supermodel Twiggy and her cool and sophisticated style.  This theme continued into the 70’s with the androgynous look consisting of small breasts and plenty of thigh gap. The 80’s was the supermodel era, big hair, big shoulders and power dressing. Women were toned and athletic but still very slender, although there were some curves admittedly – small as they were.  During the 9o’s the accepted woman was waifish and extremely thin –think of successful supermodel Kate Moss. To have thick thighs or a large bottom was definitely not accepted in the fashion world of runways and dominating magazines such as Vogue.


Healthy, Fit, Plus Size Role Models

Today, there is a ground swell of glorious, healthy, fit plus size models who are role models for women, both young and even old. Think Ashley Graham, the first plus size model to grace the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and then there is Tess Munster, who at 5”5 and a size 22, recently gained a modeling contract with Milk Model Management in the UK.  Both these women, and others too numerous to mention, are at the forefront of the plus size fashion industry.  They talk passionately about the negative effects of an unrealistic body image and are living proof that with acceptance of your natural, healthy body, you too can feel good about yourself no matter your shape or size.

As the singer songwriter Bob Dylan croons “Times they are a changin,” so go on, get out there, be that change …  Love yourself, love your curves, be confident, sassy and sexy.

Bella Curves Lingerie Curvy sexy Broads    And remember as Mae West famously said …

“Cultivate your curves, they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.”


Until next time … Michelle 😉