Jo Clitoral Stimulant


Warming and Cooling Clitoral Stimulants

The JO clitoral stimulants are formulated to stimulate and heighten sensual pleasure with a thrilling topical sensation. Designed to enhance touch sensation and sensitivity during foreplay and solo-play.  Just a drop or two of these gels increase blood flow to the clitoris, enhances lubrication and can help to increase sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction. Effects can last up to 45 minutes. Do you Dare to Play?

These gels are water resistant formula, so perfect for water play in the shower, tub or jacuzzi.

Looking for a cooling, tingling sensation?
Choose Regular Strength CHILL or Maximum Strength ARCTIC

Or maybe you are after a thrilling warming, tingling sensation instead?
Check out the Regular Strength SPICY or the Maximum Strength ATOMIC.

Key Features

  • No preservatives
  • Silicon-based clitoral gel
  • A thrilling warming/tingling sensation
  • Or a chilling cooling sensation
  • Water resistant. Great for water play
  • The sensation can last up to 45 minutes

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.