DONA - Scented Massage Candle

$ 24.99


Create an atmosphere and ignite the senses with our DONA 135g Scented Massage Candle – Soy based.  The aromas of these candles are out of this world.  Delight your senses as well as your partners and indulge.

  • Soy candle
  • Releases indulgent aromas
  • Melts into luxurious, non-greasy massage wax

Which one are you?
NAUGHTY – Sinful Spring
SASSY – Tropical Tease
FLIRTY – Blushing Berry

Light the candle and burn for several minutes to create oil.  Extinguish the flame and carefully test the candle wax to ensure a comfortable temperature.  Pour the warm massage oil onto your partner skin and smooth over the body.