Kix’ies Thigh Highs Stockings & Tights
kixies thigh highs in australia


Yay! After a visit to the recent Altitude Event held in Las Vegas, we came across the fabulous Kix’ies thigh highs stockings & tights. Samantha De Martini, Creator and CEO of Kix’ies was an absolute doll and very passionate about her product. She advised that a portion of her sales go back to the leukaemia and lymphoma society in honour of her dad who died in 1995 and to help find a cure for these diseases. We love supporting brands with a purpose.

Anyway, we ordered up big with Kix’ies and are happy to let you know that we are an Australian retailer for Kix’ies thigh highs (plus size only – C & D).

Between you and me, I have been wearing my Kix’ies every day, I just can’t get past the fishnet designs. Today, I have been lazing around the house in my favourite black long sleeved shirt, sexy undies and a pair of fabulous Kix’ies black fishnet stockings. Are they comfortable to wear? You bet your sweet ass they are, and as promised, they don’t fall down … I’m in love! Shhh .. don’t tell the old man!

And I just have to tell you, when visiting the ladies there is no more of that pulling down of stockings, unhitching garter belts and the like to whizz 😉 a major plus for us ladies.

I searched the internet for some reviews and came across one from Ardella Cosplay (She’s an Aussie too), watch below for what she has to say about Kix’ies.

Ardella has some great tips on wearing these stockings, especially the part about the tag: Don’t have it sitting on the inside if your thighs rub together. And I have to totally agree with Adrella, they are very comfortable and they do stay up!

So if you are looking for an awesome pair of thigh highs, with a no slip grip then you better get Kix’ies.

New styles coming soon ….