5 Tips on Choosing Plus Size Lingerie to Hide a Multitude of Sins

We women have it tough sometimes. We have so much pressure put on us when it comes to body image that I doubt there is a day in any of our minds that we wake up and we’re 100% happy with how we look. It’s like our eyes are trained to find our flaws. Or at least, the things WE consider to be our flaws (while our partners, or other women, would see them as being the opposite).

The great thing about lingerie is that there are so many different types now on the market for curvy woman, we can be a little more choosy and find lingerie to suit our own insecurities and to hide the things we consider to be our flaws, or “sins”.

The word “sin” can be considered a good or dirty word and when it comes to lingerie,
The definition is really up to the woman wearing it!

Obviously your under garments are not going to be able to hide that time you drank too much in Thailand last year and got your entire back tattooed; and it won’t be able to hide the fact you ate too much chocolate ice cream last night and have had an upset tummy all day; or that you once hooked up with your brother’s best friend and 20 years later he’s still never been told (and they’re STILL best friends) … but there are some things that lingerie CAN do.

Lingerie CAN help to

  • make your breasts look bigger, or smaller.
  • It can even flatten your tummy,
  • tone your butt cheeks,
  • accentuate your hips,
  • and more.

That ice cream you ate too much of that gave you an upset tummy – while lingerie isn’t going to stop you spending the afternoon on the toilet; if you are worried about the tummy bloat it gave you and the date you have tonight, lingerie CAN help. Simply pull yourself into some tummy toning pants and there’ll be no sign of bloat under that slinky red dress.

Lingerie to hide a multitude of sins - bella curves lingerie

Whatever you consider to be your flaws or sins, there’s a type of lingerie that will make you feel 100% more confident in no time.

So, we wanted to share with you several tips on how to choose the right lingerie so you can make the most out of your beautiful curvy, voluptuous, sexy body:

Are You Wanting to Slim Down a Little?

Definitely go for black. It’s known for its ability to automatically make us look 10 kilos lighter (or something like that…).

Maybe You Want to Hide Jelly Belly?

This is probably the most common complaint amongst women, and particularly those of us who have had kids! If you don’t want your rolls, skin or untoned stomach to be the highlight of your half-nakedness, opt for a babydoll or a loose fitting robe. Your partner will love it, and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable without your arm wrapped around your belly.

Or Looking to Accentuate Your Boobs?

Big or small, perky or flat as pancakes; if you want to make your boobs look great, you can! If you hate your breasts, go for something that shows off the legs or butt instead, that will turn the attention away from the top half. Hosiery or colourful panties are a sure eye-grabber (or go crotchless and there won’t even be a second thought about your top half). If you want to highlight your boobs, go for a corset; or halter top for larger breasts.

What About That Bootylicious Butt?

It’s certainly not the most pleasant part of the body, but for some reason, your partner loves it. If it’s toned and you want to show it off, get a hot lacy g-string; if you hate the dimples and want it to look smaller, get something tight and figure hugging but definitely go crotchless!

And Those Damn Fine Legs?

Doesn’t matter if you have short legs or long legs, if you have legs; show them off!! They work hard, carrying you around all day. They deserve a treat! If you want the illusion of longer legs, wear a gown that has a slit in it that goes right up to your hips; or anything mini. If you’re tall, make sure you get something that either touches the ground, or why not take advantage and wear a high cut teddy.  Now, what is it they say about legs going up to the armpits?

Regardless of the type of lingerie you choose, and whatever the sin is you’re trying to hide,  just remember :

You’re beautiful, And you need to relish in that beauty.

Buy something that makes you happy,

That suits YOUR style and taste,

And you’re on your way to the perfect lingerie collection.