Choosing the Right Lingerie - A Guide for the Bella Curves Woman - Bella Curves Lingerie


At Bella Curves Lingerie we are big believers in choosing the right style of lingerie for your body type.  After all, you want to feel sexy, hot and definitely eye-catching in the bedroom, whether it be just for your own pleasure or for a romantic afternoon romp in the boudoir with your partner.

I know there are a lot out there that say “Wear whatever you want. If you feel good, you will look good”.  Yes, I agree, it is great to have that attitude, feel confident about your body and show off your natural curves, but sometimes, that little piece really doesn’t do you justice.

Think of it this way, we all have parts of our body that we like, and others that we don’t.  So why not believe in accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative (well, as much as we can).

For example: A sexy little baby doll piece is perfect for hiding your tummy or the top of your thighs.  Teddys are great for this reason as well, add to this a g-string, or if you prefer a pair of sexy knickers, and you are set!  Some men love a cute backside…

If you don’t want to draw attention to your derriere, a cute pair of boy leg briefs or French knickers is the way to go and than matched with a bustier or corset.  These little numbers accentuate the cleavage giving you great lift and even help to smooth out curves.  Afterall, some men love a cleavage…

Want to be a little more adventurous? Why not try a cupless bustier, add some nipple covers and you will probably find yourself receiving a little more attention then you initially expected 😉

Another sensual combination is corsets or bustiers with garter belts and sexy hold up stockings.  Combined, these pieces will accentuate your legs.  Personally, if I can find an excuse to wear garter belts and holdups, their on in a flash.  Going out to dinner wearing these can add a whole new dimension to your dining out experience.  Even if it is for your own pleasure, you will soon find yourself revelling in a glow of sensual delight and confidence which will have others wondering about your beautiful smile.  Sometimes, we just have to love ourselves…

Having said all that just remember, when choosing your lingerie think about your natural assets. How do you want to show them off?  Ultimately, it is all about you feeling good about yourself, looking and feeling hot, and radiating confidence and sex appeal from your gorgeous Bella Curves body.