20 Minute Sensual Massage for Your Partner

Looking to seduce your partner and get a long night full of slow, sensual, passionate sex?  The secret? It all starts with a sensual massage. But first, you have to set the mood, play some chillout, relaxing background music, just do a search on Apple Music or Spotify...

Kix’ies Thigh Highs Stockings & Tights

Yay! After a visit to the recent Altitude Event held in Las Vegas, we came across the fabulous Kix'ies thigh highs stockings & tights. Samantha De Martini, Creator and CEO of Kix'ies was an absolute doll and very passionate about her product. She advised that a...

5 Tips on Choosing the Best Lingerie that Hide a Multitude of Sins

We women have it tough sometimes. We have so much pressure put on us when it comes to body image that I doubt there is a day in any of our minds that we wake up and we’re 100% happy with how we look. It’s like our eyes are trained to find our flaws. Or at least, the things WE consider to be our flaws (while our partners, or other women, would see them as being the opposite).

10 Reasons Why Women Love Wearing Lingerie

From the rise of corsets that push up the breasts and accentuate the waist and hips; to silk panties and satin chemise; to the barely there or dominatrix style garments. These days, there is something to suit every woman, as long as she knows what she wants (or what she’s willing to try).

Fashion for the Plus Size Woman

To meet the growing demand of average size women and larger, many fashion houses are starting to create beautiful clothing lines and styles for the plus size women to look good and feel confident enough to rock your curves.

Sexy Plus Size Lingerie Finds for the Bella Curves Woman

We are an Australian based and carry a beautiful range of sexy plus size lingerie just for the curvy woman. Sexy plus size lingerie just for the curvy woman; got a special occasion coming up? Find that perfect piece, place your order and get your sexy on with these gorgeous, hot lingerie pieces.

Times they are a Changing for The Plus Size Women

The “accepted” shape of a woman’s body has continually changed throughout time. The fashion industry, it seems, has a lot to do with these changes. Unfortunately their image of the perfect woman is almost impossible to achieve and has negatively affected the way society look upon and judge a woman.